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Biostimulants are used in addition to NPKbased fertilizers to provide increased yields, improved plant vigor, produce quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses. Full On uses nanoscale technology (particles less than 50 nanometers in size). Our formulation Fills in the missing links and provides all necessary building blocks of plant life, and the energy tor the necessary conversions and exchanges to occur.

‎Cacao‬ ‪Flowering Like Crazy

‪‬ ‪‎One Cunning Cacao Specialist Friend‬  Peter Paul Cruz  added approximately (more or less than) 8ml ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch on his ‪#‎RegularRegimen‬ and then Boom! ‪#‎ThemPlantsGoneCrazy‬InAGoodWay Most of them trees are just starting to bloom blast and the other dominant one is already in FullOn blast!   This guy is at FullOn blast mode. ‪#‎TeamFullOn‬ #TeamDavaoPonics Mike Dial Pauli Roterdam Grow Switch Peter Paul Cruz  Yolmak Morales  Ruby Rebstock ‪#‎NanoBioStimulant‬ ‪#‎OrganicCatalyst‬  ‪#‎HigherBrix‬  ‪#‎AllMineralsAreChelated‬  ‪#‎GrowMoreWithLess‬  …Read More


A single Tomatoe plant in a Hybrid Grow Bed, bearing fruits more than I’ve had expected

Day 1,  I noticed that there might be something with this plant, something interesting, it showed on the way it grows and reacts to me/my actions. So grab my cam and start shooting/documenting. Like all experiment, you don’t have any idea what’s the ending so just snap some shots every time there’s something new and interesting regarding with its growth and reaction. Like most of the plants I encountered, it’s …Read More


A 42 days ‪#‎Cocoa_Seedlings‬ in our care… 10 bags, to be exact. (42 days transformation)

A 42 days ‪#‎Cocoa_Seedlings‬ in our care… 10 bags, to be exact. (42 days transformation) How do you think we did manage to make the seedlings wit stand/survive the pest and diseases it’s into? Answer is very simple! Just make your plants and its root system strong and vigor… You don’t need no cides at all! If you still don’t get it, simply wake the F*** up!!! Enjoy! Just for …Read More