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#Cocoa_Propagation Experiment 001

This is a Cides_Free Experiment. I verify the source of the seeds to make sure they weren’t soaked on Fungicide, which is supposed to be required in this stage of this specific plant/crop. Thanks to ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch, they’ve still risen even without fungicides, which was required to this stage of growth…. A simple analysis and instinct, though you need to put some extra effort, but it’s all good …Read More


950g #Pechay in 60 days

‪#‎Pechay‬ grown geoponically using ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch.  “The Juice” will Improve Soil Health with Vital Trace Elements and Probiotics and with Higher Brix and Sweeter Produce.. Mike Dial Moe Dank Pauli Roterdam Audacious Farms Project ‪#‎TeamFullOn‬ and DavaoPonics Using #FishPoop x #RegularRegimenMix x #‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch. @Day 30, already got to taste the veggie of my labor.. 🙂 100g of fresh organic produce.. Don’t they look good? It’s …Read More