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3 Hectare Plantation Experiment Using FullOn by Grow Switch

Day 1 of this experiment:  Sir Robert Rosaroso owner/farmer, grants me the chance to document and gather data on his 3 hectare farm @ Sirib, Calinan, Davao City. While using FullOn by Grow Switch, as additive to his regimen. First application, 3 days ago June 12, 2016. He diluted 8oz FullOn in to a 3 (55 gallon) drums and sprayed them to his farm.   This are some images from his …Read More


The effect of just small amount (40ml) of “The Juice” by Grow Switch on rice

  The effect of just small amount (40ml) of “The Juice” by Grow Switch on rice, have had dramatically lessen the use of synthetic NPKs up to almost 80%, and the needs/use of harmful chemical pesticides to 0%, and tillering increase up to 6 folds (from 4 stems to 24 super healthy, vigorous and happy stems) http://www.growswitch.com/davaoponics-gets-massive-increas…/ 6/18/2016 7:53 AM, Day before harvest One last photo, before all this tasty …Read More


10 Month Old Cocoa Since Planted

This guys were fed with Full On by Grow Switch since they were transplanted on the ground. And seems like they’re growing much faster than the other one that is being planted 5 months earlier than them. They are 100% Cide_Free, meaning no pesti/insecti/fungi/herbi or any kind of cide…   By the way , before we proceed, want you to take a look at this comparison between 15 and 10 …Read More


FullOn can be a “Game Changer” in Aquaponics as well as in Hydroponics

Good day guys! Another interesting discovery has been found, and more are still to be found. Join me as I uncover some FullOn Magic… 🙂 Why does the juice (FullOn) is of help in your Aquaponics or Hydroponics setup/system? The reason why I wrote this is, ***1. For the record and ***2. Is that to show you guys the benefits of using FullOn by Grow Switch. I’m, recently customizing/upgrading/maintaining my …Read More


“Lettuce Transformation” (Salad Mix)

Salad “Salat” Mix (Baby Leaf) Seeds were from Germany. Date of sowing: October 16, 2015  (Direct Sowing) Grown Aquaponically Using FullOn x NFT x “Mandro” Techique. Day 1  it took 9 days (since sown) to look like This. Day 5  Looking and doing good. Day 8  Looking good but need a bit of N. Water pH: 7.4-7.6; Nitrate: 15-20ppm; Ammonia: .75-1.0 ppm(mg/L) Day 11  and counting. Looking great! That’s all …Read More


This ‪#‎Cacao_Seedlings‬ were planted on the field without any fertilizers and ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch for almost 7 months …

Good day guys!  Sharing my experimental ‪#‎Cacao_Seedlings‬ @ the field with zero pesticides/insecticides/fungicides or any kind of cides, meaning 100% cides_free. They’re planted on the open field last February 2015. And since then no fertilizers and no ‪#‎FullOn‬. But they were #FullOn cared while they’re still at the nursery for 4-6 months. Just sharing… This ‪#‎Cacao_Seedlings‬ were planted on the field without any fertilizers and ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch for …Read More