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Cacao Seed Germination Experiment within 15 Days

Day 9

Good Day Guys! Great to be back! Another Cacao Experiment here. This is what happened to #Cacao Seeds soaked in/on FullOn Mix within 15 days. I hope you’ll find this useful. As for me, they are. It’s a food for my curiosity, hope it’ll feeds yours as well. Who knows that Cacao will grow on tissue paper? Now, I know they can, but of course won’t be a good media for proper propagation. (Note: This is only an experiment, just to show how Cocoa Seeds reacted when soak on FullOn Mix.

After 15 days

This is what happened to them Cocoa Seeds after 15 days of being soaked in FullOn Mix.

They did hustle hard just to grow! Now let’s start at Day 1,

Day 1

Over night, after they were soaked

The Seeds (most of them) automatically germinated after 24 hours of being soaked with FullOn by Grow Switch Mix.

Day 5

5 days after they’re being soaked

Tails (germinated) looks as if they are really good to go to their specific bags.

6th day after

Day 6

As you can see, the rate of root development is very visible. What you’ve noticed is the root development rate within 24 hours, when Cocoa Seeds are soaked in FullOn Mix, instead of Fungicide. And some of them are already starting to branched out.

Day 9

9 days after soaking them with FullOn by Grow Switch Mix

Well, look what happened to them seeds after 9 days of being soaked in/on FullOn Mix. The roots are obviously strong and healthy. At this stage/form, if you planted them on their specific medias, they will for sure be up in less than 2 days (tried/did that already). And since I run out of growing media for them to get planted, I decided to continue the experiment, if this seeds will be put onto waist, well they’ll for sure be noted and useful for future data reference. So, I need to find a better way for them to survive, even when them fragile roots were already exposed to light. So, decided to wrapped them with tissue paper.

15 days after being soaked

Day 15

As you can see, they are standing, finding their way out of their grave! 🙂 The seeds will really find a way up, especially when aided with the use of FullOn by Grow Switch… I don’t know what will happen to Cocoa Seeds that will be soak on Fungicide in 15 days. Hmmmm What do you think guys? 😀

Anyway, I started to open the tissue to see what’s inside.

Day 15

15 days since they were soaked in FullOn Mix

There! Poor seeds are really struggling to survive. Anyway, it’s so good knowing that this will happened to Cocoa Seeds Soaked in FullOn by Grow Switch Mix in 15 days… As for me,  from 5th to 9th day of soaking on FullOn Mix, is the better stage to plant the seeds. After 10 days and up, of soaking the roots grew weak cause they need more space and proper nutrient/food to develop, that’s why they look so terrible, but most of them are already up today… 😀

All are up

All are up

8 days after they were planted on the cups.. 🙂

8 days after being sown

8 days after being sown

And they look greater than the ones that I've had planted on Geoponics.

And they look greater than the ones that I’ve had planted on Geoponics.

That’s all guys… 😀 Cheers! I already fall short of words… Hahahah




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Credits to: Vincent for the design…


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