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DavaoPonics is a company based in Davao City. Known as the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines”, Davao remains the leading exporter of fruits such as banana, durian, mango, cacao, coconut products, pomelo, pineapple, papaya, and mangosteen in the country.

Thus, agriculture in the city is one of the vibrant sources of its economy. It is no surprise therefore that the company based in the southern part of the Philippines has been helping agriculturist in the country in gaining higher yield in their crop production. Among the innovations introduced by the company is the use of GrowSwitch product “FullOn” from the United States of America, of which the company is the exclusive distributor in the Philippines.

In the US, the use of biostimulants is gaining popularity among farmers. GrowSwitch Product such as FullOn uses Nanoscale Technology and Exclusive Proprietary Biotechnology which sets new levels of nutrient uptake and utilization that boost the plant’s ability to efficiently convert nutrients into plant cell growth. The product thus help in effectively transporting nutrients into the plant, thus ensuring an increased in yield, brix and nutrient density. The product is also deemed as a game changer in aquaponics and hydroponics industry.

DavaoPonics has also utilized the GrowSwitch product in many of its agriculture ventures, such as in growing cacao tree, wherein it was detected that growth has been faster. In fact, GrowSwitch’s product has helped a farmer getting a massive increase in rice production. Instead of spending also a hefty amount for farming inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, one can just use a small amount of the mineral matrix with nano ionic technology for maximum benefit. This is because it was observed that using the product would also lessen the use of fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

With this positive results and observations, DavaoPonics aims to share to the Filipino people the advantages of using the product, considering that the Philippines is an agricultural country. Thus being the exclusive ditributor of Growswitch product to a wider range of clientele, by saying  that “We Grow More With Less”.

Please contact us and stop back as we are building our new site for Regenerative Agriculture, Aquaponics, Multi Method System, and many more, here  in the Philippines.


6 thoughts on “We Grow More with Less”

  1. Good Day DavaoPonics,

    I have sent a message to GrowSwitch via their website. I am currently browsing through your site and have learned that you are the exclusive distributor of GrowSwitch here in the Philippines.

    I am an entrepreneur dealing mainly with agriculture equipment and implements. Our business is registered with the DTI and our local government unit here in Angeles City, Pampanga. We have recently acquired our registration with the BIR to be able to issue sales invoices.

    We are willing to partner with you in your endeavor to change and improve the way our local farmers grow their crops. We are capable of introducing, marketing, and distributing GrowSwitch in Pampanga and in Central Luzon. We can begin our business relationship as soon as you allow us.

    We will appreciate your prompt response.

    Thank you.

    Sincere and Best Regards,

    Jowie Brent T. Garcia
    Hunter’s Choice Trading

  2. My name is Gerry Antonio and I have plans of putting up an Aquaponics School in Bago Gallera. Interested to know more about your product.

  3. Good day sir i am interested on your product, so how can I buy your product and how much it cost for one hect.

  4. Hi Sir, peace!
    Am interested in setting up a small aquaponics system to support our needs at the retreat facilities of the St. Ignatius Spirituality Center in Samal. I am also interested in your Fullon product. How do we source this? What is the Davao City address and contect info of DavaoPonics?


  5. Hi. I am interested in hydroponics as a plant enthusiast. I also teach Botany in a pharmacy school. Do you install these in residences/homes?

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