A single Tomato plant in a Hybrid Grow Bed

A single Tomato plant in a Hybrid Grow Bed. (Bearing fruits more than expected.)

Day 1,  I noticed that there might be something with this plant, something interesting, it was shown by the way it grows and reacts to my actions. So grab my cam and start shooting/documenting. Like all experiment, you don’t have any idea what’s the ending so just snap some shots every time there’s something new and interesting regarding with its growth and reaction. Like most of the plants I encountered, it’s not totally about the nuts/npk, it’s also about how you’ll use your tools on them, in short it’s also about the grower, nuts/npk 30%-40%, but you (grower/farmer)  60%-70% responsible in the result of your action, meaning don’t just blame something/someone if you didn’t get what you want or if you didn’t get it right.

Based on my experienced in observing plants, is that the timing of feeding, must be considered. You don’t just feed them, you need to know what they need, specially the most needed and when they need it.

You can’t wait next week if you see your plant have problem, like when you noticed its N deficient and won’t feed/treat them cause you just gave them High P or K foliar just yesterday, that’s why you just let your plants suffer more because according to the feeding guide or whatever info you got, that you should only feed them ones per week, so you’ll just wait next week to solve the problem your plant is into. I don’t know about how others react on that kind of scenario, as for me I investigate, gather some data and take action immediately.

FullOn - Nano - Ionic - Biostimulant
The Best Nutrient Additive in this planet! – 8/3/2015

Now, this will be the best part of “The Juice“, cause when you’re just using regular foliar NPK, you can’t just feed and feed them cause plant will only consume what they can, and the excess will be of waste. Making your solution/media acidic, that leads to some more unbearable situation or worst, resulting in plant lost.

But when you add Full On into your regular regimen mix, plants will surely suck all the food you’ve given them, (That’s why you need to cut your NPK to -50% when first using The Juice) because Full ON is like an super effective transporter moving nutrients into the plant, very efficiently because of the minuscule nano, size (quantum angstrom) allows it to enter into plant cells with ease. As a result, increased photosynthesis occurs that improves cellulose, sugars/brix, starches, waxes, carbohydrates, oils and proteins; the building blocks of plant growth and health. Meaning the more the juice is, the faster the growth rate is , making your plant so healthy and vigorous, that will end on discouraging pest and insect attacks.

4 days later

Note: This plant only receives 250 ml-500 ml ready to use mix or 62.5 ml-120 ml FullOn. I know you know what I mean, but you just can’t agree with it, that’s why you need to try to believe!

Day 8 – 8/11/2015

Check out this amazing display of plant tissue. Remember ” Plants Don’t Lie”.

10 days since the first photographic data was taken

As days past by, I am starting to get more and more interested with the plant’s reaction and so as its growth rate.

Fruits are getting denser, bigger and heavier every day. Note: This is the combination of balanced fish water + regular regimen mix + Full On by Grow Switch. Using 1 ml per liter dilution rate.

15 days since day 1, check out the difference between day 1 and day 15 figure, it’s very obvious, right?

First time saw this kind of scenery/result, ever since I started growing tomato (by the way, this was my 4th time trying to grow this plant). First, second and third attempt was not satisfying, but did learned a lot from all the setbacks.

I thought this is it, already a success but not knowing that this product won’t cease to amaze me.

Now, the question is that, can I make them ripe? Hmmmm We’ll see…

Day 23
Organically Grown Tomato Plant
Lemon Basil really helps! Attracts so many pollinators.


The Juice - Day 25
Day 25
A single Tomato plant Day 30
Day 30

Harvested from A single Tomato plant.

800g Fresh organic produce - FullOn - GrowSwitch
800g Fresh organic produce
A single Tomato plant - DavaoPonics - Day 46
Day 46
A single Tomato plant 9/18/2015
Even the Upland “Kang Kong” are doing great

46 days just passed by, and it’s still getting more better, denser and crowded. I am close to my 3rd and final harvest by volume. (Note: Didn’t manage to snap some shots on the 2nd harvest, but it’s a lot less than 800g).

Already harvested 1.4 kg ‪‎tomato‬ in this single plant, and there’s plenty more ready to be harvested. ‪FullOn‬ ‪#‎Higher_Brix‬ ‪#‎Increased_Nutrient_Density‬ that gives products/produce a distinct advantage in the market.

9/21/2015 in almost 50 days, harvested and enjoyed more than 2.5kg of fresh organic produce, in a single tomatoe plant, using Full On by Grow Switch.

A single Tomato plant Day 49
Day 49

There you have it. I hope you enjoy my blog. About “A single Tomato plant”. I am a newbie grower and so as blogger, so if you have comments and suggestion, I will appreciate that.

Thank you very much for the time you spent, reading this article. I hope I did gave you guys some useful tips and helpful info.

T”ill the next blog… CHEERS!