Cacao – 10 Month Since Transplanted

Cacao or Theobroma – 10 month since they were transplanted. Using FullOn by GrowSwitch as nutrient additive. And Fish water as the main source of nutrient.

This guys were fed with Full On by Grow Switch since they were transplanted on the ground. And seems like they’re growing much faster than the other one that is being planted 5 months earlier than them. They are 100% Cide_Free, meaning no pesti/insecti/fungi/herbi or any kind of cide…

Cacao - FullOn - DavaoPonics
10 month old Cocoa (CB)
Cacao 3rd month (CB)
(CB) @ 3rd month. I hope you noticed it.. 🙂
Cacao 11 13 2015
Cocoa on the left hand side is at 15 month old and on the right hand side (CB) is at 10 month old

By the way , before we proceed, want you to take a look at this comparison between 15 and 10 month old cocoa.. As for me, seems like the 10 month old is growing more faster. The reason is that the older plant was 5 months without Full On, and it started to have the juice when reaching its 5th month. Anyway, check out some of the 10 months old cocoa I am also referring to …

Cacao - 4/17/2015
4/17/2015 (3rd month) (CD) This photo was taken when it’s at its 3rd month.. (Just look into the back of that Picus.
Now let’s move back some months ago, when Pipo gave this Cacao seedlings to me.
12/19/2014 - Day 1 with <strong>Full On</strong> by <em>Grow Switch</em>
12/19/2014 Day 1 with FullOn by Grow Switch
FullOn hits Cacao - 1 7 2015
This were them (1/7/2015) 19-20 days since Full On/after using “The Juice”
Early Flower 5/29/2015
4th month (CA)
"The Juice" - 7/12/2015 (CC)
7/12/2015 (CC)



CA, is more like always dormant, but when it wakes up. It really and always going/gone crazy. It’s either it flashes more shoots, or popping more flowers. This plants don’t seem to cease producing flowers even if they’re still at an early stage. They will only stop flowering for a week or so, and then goes back popping again.



FullOn Cacao 8/14/2015 (CC)
8/14/2015 (CC)

CC is obviously doing great, and so as the veggies beneath it…

Already harvested some of the veggies beneath this Cacao (CC) (Salad Mix)

Cacao (CC) 8/14/2015
(CB) 8/14/2015
Cacao (CD) 8/19/2015
(CD) 8/19/2015
That’s it!

The next update of them is when they started to bear fruits.  And I am excited and can’t wait the moment it will happen. (Will leave them cocoa plants/crops for awhile so they can have all the time they need for the next stage).

So, I am a first time cocoa grower (newbie), it’s my 1st year in this industry. And obviously my plants are looking great, and it’s more like it’s just easy to grow them and get results like what I’ve had got, but the truth is that, it’s more because of Full On by Grow Switch. I know most of you guys won’t believe me, but it’s cool. I won’t force you to believe me either. It’s just the plants, they will speak for themselves. And will let them tell everyone how “The Juice” makes them happy by showing it to you guys, cause “Plants Don’t Lie”, don’t they?! CHEERS!