How Can I Get More Growth and Bigger Yields with less NPK’s?

Every drop counts … ‪FullOn‬ by Grow Switch

One of the many ways that FULL ON works is by improving the cationic exchange capacity that dramatically increases yields while significantly decreasing the need for fertilizers.FULL ON is stimulating the electro-magnetic action (cation exchange capacity) of the plants roots, which helps them more efficiently use vital nutrients moisture necessary for optimum growth. Consumers report increased growth, BRIX levels and yields, while reducing the quantity and expense of fertilizers and insecticides. Small gardeners and large-scale farmers are excitedly reporting increased growth and astounding yield increases, doubled, tripled and quadrupled profits?What’s Brix and why do I want it?

Brix is the measure of sugar content. Higher Brix levels generally indicate healthier plants producing higher levels of sugars and secretions that provide improved pest resistance, increased plant vigor, faster growth along with sweeter and better quality produce. What’s causing increased BRIX AND BIG YIELDS?

The answer is the phenomenal stimulation of the electro-magnetic activity that FULL ON produces in the roots. Researchers refer to it as the “Cation Exchange Capacity” (CEC).

A cation is an ion with a positive electro-magnetic charge. FULL ON is comprised of exceptionally tiny particles called “colloidal micelles”. Each micelle carries a negative electro-magnetic charge that is capable of attracting, holding and exchanging positively charged particles (cations) of carbon, calcium, humus, magnesium, trace minerals and other nutrients and moisture allowing roots to more easily absorb them. This phenomenon is called “cation exchange.”FULL ON enhances Cation Exchange Capacity.

FULL ON from GrowSwitch Enhanced CEC (1) greatly increases plant absorption of water and nutrients, (2) visibly enhance growth, hardiness and yield while (3) reduces the amount of water and fertilizer needed to be added to the soil. Can be applied both foliar and systemic.What is FULL ON made from?

An exclusive, nano-based proprietary technology is used to formulate this biostimulant and natural organic plant-based nutrient, Formulated from almost every element on earth (gold, silver, carbon, silica, hydrogen, chromium, sulfur, boron, indium, calcium oxide, magnesium, iron, copper, magnesium oxide, phosphorus, nitrogen, molybdenum, antimony, zinc, etc) all in trace %’s. We use: Naturally cheated organic mineral matrix. The finest fish hydrolyzed proteins, kelp extracts, amino acids, biologically active L form amino acids. The finest Humic acids, Enzymes, plant based Surfactants, Marine plants, Micro-nutrients plus some proprietary magic. And there you have it. That is why it is called Full On, a full on organic horticultural nutrient and biostimulant formulated for full on plant growth!



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