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The effect of just small amount of “The Juice” on Rice

The effect of just small amount
The effect of just small amount

The effect of just small amount (40ml) of “The Juice” by Grow Switch on rice. Had dramatically lessen the use of synthetic NPK down to almost 60%. And the use of harmful chemical pesticides to 100% (no cide at all). Also the tillering increases up to 6 folds (from 4 stems to 24 super healthy and vigorous stems).

The effect of just small amount
This is a .5 hectare rice fields looks like. Farmer’s testimony: It’s supposed to consume 4 sacks of synthetic NPK that will cost him Php 4,000.00 (Php 1,000 per sack) plus a 250ml bottle of cide that will cost him more or less than Php 1,200. So, he’ll need Php 5,200 for those inputs. BUT, when a small amount of ‪ FullOn‬ is added to the farmers regimen, the cost and the need for synthetic NPK were dramatically reduced and the use of cide was dropped down to 0%, meaning this harvest was 100% cide free, and it only cost him 1.5 sacks of  NPK that only cost Php 1,500.00 +-.
The effect of just small amount
Rice field on the left hand side is 2 weeks to harvest without ‪‎FullOn‬, while rice field on the other side is days to harvest with FullOn by Grow Switch .

6/18/2016 7:53 AM, Day before harvestThe effect of just small amountOne last photo, before all this healthy and vigorous “palay” be chopped off.The effect of just small amount6/19/2016 5:45 AM, Day of harvest

The effect of just small amount
6/19/2016 7:05 AM

The background of the field is so astounding. (nature really is)The effect of just small amount

Harvest Time

The host are now preparing breakfast.DSC_76669:09 AM, We’ve went to run some errand for awhile and when we came back, rice bundles we’re already starting to bulk up.DSC_7676The grains are obviously big, healthy, heavy and vigorous. Despite the fact that it only had at least less than the required NPK and 0% cide.

The effect of just small amount

By the way,The effect of just small amount The one that is carrying the rice bundle said, that the bundles are very heavy compared to regular bundles that they’ve  been carried before.DSC_7689Harvest time is more like a family and friends gathering. People need to get their individual jobs done.

The effect of just small amount

The effect of just small amount
A guy is happy despite the fact that the heat of the day was really burning up.
D.I.Y pest control

The effect of just small amount 9:59 AM, and the harvest is almost done.

The effect of just small amount
They use this serrated edge scythe-like knife, locally known as “Garab”.

10:19 AM, the harvesting is done.Weapons/tools are put on a banana tree, while the bearers are relaxing. 

The effect of just small amount

10:12 AM, and the final bundle is on board.DSC_7778

DSC_7816“Here comes the horn” , Carrying the Threshing Machine. Locally known as “treser”.


DSC_7834The grains goes to the PE bucket and into the sacks.



The effect of just small amount
Some are getting grains that were not properly processed by the thresher.

Threshing is now done,

The effect of just small amount
33 (60-65 kilo) sacks are harvested in a .5 hectare rice field.
The effect of just small amount of “The Juice” by Grow Switch on Rice

Farmers’ and locals’ testimony, is that this area can only have an average of 19-20 (60-65 kilo) sacks. However, when a small amount of FullOn was added to the farmer’s regimen, they suddenly gained up to 50-60%  more produce. The density, and the quality of the produce was bumped up. The use of NPK was lessen to almost -60% on the required rate. And 100% less in the use of pesticide (zero cide produce).
The effect of just small amountThere for, The Juice really helped the farmer(s) gain more with just less inputs. It did not only gave them more produce and profit, but as well as helping the nature. By conditioning the soil  with the less use of synthetic NPK, and by not using harmful cide.

Disclaimer: FullOn is not a cide, so when used in a pest and disease infested area, you might need to consider using some. It also depends on the weather condition, quality of water (irrigation) and soil. Farmer’s skill sets also do play a big role, and “the juice” is his/her ultimate tool.

This trial seems to be at the right place and at the right time.

The effect of just small amount
Freshly processed rice grains.

Grains were very dense and heavy.DSC_7939

The effect of just small amount
Of course, this harvest won’t be completed without the finished product .. And so you know, that it’s the real deal … Rice are dense, well in-tack and bulky, and most especially, it’s super tasty! ***Real Life Story .
The effect of just small amount

And the finished product, freshly grinded and tasty rice grains. Though it was processed in a mediocre processing facility, it’s still looks good.


Note: About the Bioavailability

Bioavailability is commonly a limiting factor in the production of crops (due to solubility limitation or adsorption of plant nutrients to soil colloids) and in the removal of toxic substances from the food chain by microorganisms (due to sorption to or partitioning of otherwise degradable substances into inaccessible phases in the environment). A noteworthy example for agriculture is plant phosphorus deficiency induced by precipitation with iron and aluminum phosphates at low soil pH and precipitation with calcium phosphates at high soil pH. Toxic materials in soil, such as lead from paint may be rendered unavailable to animals ingesting contaminated soil by supplying phosphorus fertilizers in excess. Organic pollutants such as solvents or pesticides may be rendered unavailable to microorganisms and thus persist in the environment when they are adsorbed to soil minerals or partition into hydrophobic organic matter.

The effect of just small amount
This will happened to rice fields when hit by hard/strong wind. ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch rice trial is right beside this field, and fortunately, nothing like this affected the rice trial due to its strong/big stem, bulky and deep roots, in short, this kind of Phenomenon/event, is nothing when rice fields were treated by The Juice .. ***Real Life Story