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33 Days Lettuce Experiment

This was a 33 Days old Lettuce Experiment, geoponically¬† grown, indoors. Using basic/regular LED light fixture and FullOn by GrowSwitch + OneShot by OCG (Oregon’s Constant Gardeners) + Fish Water as their main source of nutrients.

Day of transplant
December 9, 2018 / Day 1

In just 16 days, this plants were already market ready.

Day 16
Day 16 

And as you can see, they’re obviously very healthy and vigorous. The 2 small or 2 liter pots were starting to grew apart. Though the difference was not noticeable or obvious at this moment, yet the other one sure was growing more than the other.

33 Days Lettuce Experiment
Day 24
Day 33
January 11, 2019 / Day 33
Day of Judgement

33 Days Lettuce Experiment

This pots have 2 plants per pot. The size of the container/pot was 2 liters. Same feeding regimen and method of application, but the other one had FullOn.

Though there’s a noticeable difference between them, they both tasted awesome!

Left hand side OneShot, right hand side, OneShot + FullOn

This 33 Days Lettuce Experiment was conducted to gather data on how this nutrients performs in indoor growing environment. And as you can see, it works well. In fact, for me it’s more than better than what I’ve expected.

Fish Water was also indeed can be a good or even great source of organic nutrients.