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MultiMethod GardenScape

MultiMethod GardenScape

This will showcase how FullOn by GrowSwitch helps your system stabilizes faster than usual. Using fish water as the primary nutrient for the NFT system.

All this photos were taken in just 28 days. I hope this might help you guys. 
MultiMethod GardenScape One of the many secrets in Aquaponics is that you’ll only need to take good care of the fishes. If fishes are happy, so will the plants.

“Take good care of them fishes and they will take good care of the plants for you.”Even tomato can grow in this kind of setup or system.MultiMethod GardenScapeMultiMethod GardenScapeMultiMethod GardenScapeIt can in fact,produces fruits.  However, a bigger pipe diameter will be ideal for fruiting vegetables, because their roots will became so bulky, it will end up in clogging the pipes, which is not good. Because, it will hinder the flow of water.

So based on my personal experienced, at least 6 inches pipe diameter or so is better.MultiMethod GardenScapePlants in this system are blasting.  And they’re very tasty, of course!MultiMethod GardenScapePlants don’t lie. As you can see in those tissues. They’re fresh at the same time healthy and nutrient dense. Fish water is also really awesome.
MultiMethod GardenScape

The final looks of this awesome red rapid lettuce, before putting into the salad bowl.

MultiMethod GardenScape in only 28 days.