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Organic (Cide Free) Ginger (Aquaponics101 )

ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger transformation in less than 6 months.


From April 9, 2018 – September 9, 2018. Plants were already showing signs that it’s almost done. Usually it will take them at least  12 months to complete its cycle. However, when you take good care of them and add FullOn in your regimen(s), you could probably cut it down to almost half.

Enjoy! “Real Life Story”

Disclaimer: The result of this trial doesn’t totally apply whenever you use FullOn. Good weather condition, climate, soil(growing media), water type or quality, your regimen and most especially growers skill sets. However, one thing is for sure though, when you add FullOn in your regimen, it will definitely improved it. Converting your regimen into a more bioavailable form or mix that plants can easily absorb. 


A few days since it was transplant.

Note that this ginger was in a small seedling pot for almost 4 weeks before it was being transplant to this bed.


6 weeks later, fruits are already emerging up. The media that’s being used in this bed were 90% gravel, yet it didn’t matter and ginger still did its job just fine.


Everything seems growing just fine. In just a small bed alone, there are multiple plants were planted, including basil that was obviously doing so good and oregano (variegated), that was also doing okay.


10 weeks later, the ginger had already took over almost all of the grow beds’ space.

ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger - FullOn by GrowSwitch

ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger - FullOn by GrowSwitch

16 weeks later (4 months), the plant has already exploding.

ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger - FullOn by GrowSwitch

ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger - FullOn

20 weeks later (5 months), harvest time

In just almost 6 months from transplant, we decided to end its cycle, and got 4.25 kg of fresh ORGANIC (Cide Free) Ginger. Another display of how the juice works its magic to plants for optimum performance “FullOn Plant Potential”.

It helps the plants to efficiently and effectively utilizes nutrients available in the growing media/medium. So, imagine if we took it down at its regular cycle of at least 10-12 months we could probably get twice as much. However, this also showcases the potential when you use FullOn making your growing cycle “faster and better”.

Anyway, I hope this will help you guys, and hope you did enjoy!