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Geoponically Grown Salad Mix

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix. One of the many healthy food to have when eating is a fresh harvest, organic salad mix. It can enhance your pleasure in eating and at the same time wellness.

Eating fresh, clean, organic food is very healthy. Specially, when you’re the one who grows most of the food that you’ll eat.¬† Because you know what you put in or feed your plants.

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix - DavaoPonics

Fresh - Salad Mix - DavaoPonics

What is Geoponically Grown Salad Mix?

It’s a salad mix that was grown in soil. Because geoponics, is an art or science of cultivating the earth/soil.

Geoponics - DavaoPonics

I have been practicing Mandro technique, for almost 6 years already. And I really love this technique. Though it’s a bit laborious compared to automated¬† hydroponics. Mandro has its own pros and cons. One of those is that you don’t need to consume electricity because there are no equipment needed aside from a bucket and a watering material.

This lettuces, though grown in the pipes doesn’t mean they’re soilless. In fact, the pipes were filled with soil. And I manually watered them with fish water + FullOn by GrowSwitch.

Fresh - FullOn Grown - Salad Mix

As you noticed, this plants still grows well, right? They’re very healthy, crispy and flavorful.

FullOn Plant Potential - Salad Mix

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix

I am very thankful for having the juice. Without it, growing food won’t be this exciting. I really can’t wait for this product to be available here. I want to share with you the magic that this product gives the grower/farmer.

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix - FullOn Plant Potential

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix - DavaoPonics

This are for our personal consumption only. However, it’s more than enough for us.

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix

DavaoPonics - FullOn

Look at those tissues. Aren’t they look very good? And they’re as tasty as they look.

Geoponically Grown Salad Mix

So, this is a Geoponically Grown Salad Mix. And if an enthusiast like me can grow this kind of produce, how much more a pro like you. You should better try our FullOn, if it’s already available. You won’t regret a bit of it.