Cacao Propagation Experiment

Cacao Propagation Experiment

Cacao Propagation Experiment, using

  • 50% fine sand
  • 20% pebbles
  • 10% wood shavings
  • 20% soil

I asked the source of this seeds to make sure and verify that this weren’t soaked on fungicide, which is required in this stage to get rid of fungus.

Cacao Propagation Experiment - UF18
Date of Sowing : Day 1


Cacao Propagation Experiment - Biostilmulant
The proper way in sowing this seeds, is by laying them above the soil.

Thanks to ‎FullOn‬ by GrowSwitch, they’ve still popped out even without fungicides, (which was required to this stage of growth).  A simple analysis and instinct, though you need to put some extra effort, but it’s better than using cide.

Cacao Propagation Experiment
Some are already up
This brain like seed cotyledon have now risen.

8 days after being sown (7/30/2015). Thanks to ‪‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch, using fungicide, can became an option and no longer a necessity.


Cacao Propagation Experiment
Added some wood shavings on the top, cause it’s always raining, don’t want to compress the media.

Looks like a brain

Added some wood shavings as a mulch, to protect the media from compaction due to constant raining.

Day 12
Day 12

Does ‪‎fungus‬ affect the growth of cocoa seeds/seedlings? Of course yes! However, by soaking the seeds in the juice, still made the seeds grew. I wonder what it does to the seeds.

It’s really good to have this seeds from Sir Grover Rosit. This will simply display/show that ‪‎FullOn‬ is not a snake oil. And we’re not selling crappy additives or sales talking B.S. to growers.

8/5/2015 "Fungus amongst us." 14 days after sowing... Thanks to ‪#‎FullOn‬ by Grow Switch, they didn't seem threatened by those fungus. They don't F***** care! 100% ‪#‎Cides_FREE‬ seedlings... Enjoy!

Seedlings‬ still manages to grew, even with fungus (beneficial), and were visible beneath them, as if they’re just nothing.

Day 14
Day 14
Day 18
Day 18
Leaves are turning green

24 days and counting!

Day 24

Growing media is composed of 50% fine sand, 20% soil/homemade compost, 20% pebbles and 10% wood shavings.

Note: This is only a Cacao Propagation Experiment, I am trying to showcase that FullOn‬, will do its job at its best on a sandy soil.

I am not an expert in ‪cocoa propagation‬, but they seem growing just fine, even with obvious marks of disease and insect/pest attacks. Now, imagine if you add FullOn with your regular regimen mixes, the results will sure be amazing.

It’s starting to get crowded
64 days
Broad new leaf, untouched by any pest, hopefully it will stay or get even more broader.
This are them. Though I am not satisfy with the result due to many setbacks, but they’re still growing just fine. Not bad for first time though.
Day 88 

Thanks to FullOn‬ by Grow Switch ‪Cacao Propagation Experiment is possible without using  fungicide, pesticide, insecticide. They’re almost 3 months, just right on time and most of them are ready for grafting. And obviously are strong and vigorous!


Finally, they’re ready for the next stage…

Note: Base on my personal experience, 1 gallon (4ml of fullon) ready to use mix can cover an area of more or less 100 sqm, depending on the size and age of the seedlings. (The cost of a Gallon ready to use mix FullOn is only less than p20)

Cacao Propagation Experiment
FullOn by Grow Switch

New Organic‬ technology from Grow Switch gives growers the ability to significantly increase yields using less fertilizers and additives. And ‪FullOn‬ greatly reduces the need for NPK’s in all growing environments. This means, that you will be using less resources and getting more bang for your buck for the next growing cycle whether you’re a commercial farmer or indoor garden hobbyist.”

Just broke some of the basic rules in ‪‎cacao propagation‬.

  1. I didn’t use any Fungicide/Pesticide/Insecticide.
  2. Is that I used 50% fine sand, 20% pebbles/gravel, 10% wood shavings (Mahogany) and I only used 20% soil/compost. 

Note: The 20% soil/compost is made out of 10% clayish soil or locally known as “panas” and 10% compost made out of coco coir + homemade compost. And I used FullOn‬ by Grow Switch as an activator for the homemade compost.

So what do you think of the result?

I hope you learn something in this, and also hope you enjoy!