DavaoPonics Pitch Details

Short Summary

DavaoPonics or JJAA Agricultural Products Trading is the Exclusive Distributor of this “New Organic, Nano-Ionic, Specialty Plant Nutrient Technology” in the Philippines. And one of our goals is to help improve the quality of food production in the country, more sustainably.

  • We’ve already conducted a lot of trials, and always get good results.
  • We got multiple test sites, that are also always getting good results.
  • We’ve been receiving consistent positive reports from our commercial clients
  • There’s a lot of clients that are waiting for the product’s availability.
  • We can legally operate in the whole country.
The Business

Our company was created to help Grow Switch LLC (manufacturer) introduce their “New and Unique” product in the country. This proprietary Nano Ionic Biostimulant product, “FullOn”, sets new levels of nutrient uptake and utilization. That boosts the plants ability to efficiently convert nutrients into new cell growth. That can also reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers by up to -50%, lowering the growing costs and reducing the environmental impact of the excessive use/used of fertilizers. And at the same time, they’ll get 30-40% increase in their yields and have better quality produce. Higher Brix, Increased Nutrient Density, Faster Growth Gives a “FullOn Growers” a distinct advantage in every market.

The Market

Since 47% of the country’s land area is agriculture, it’s not that hard to establish a business related to this industry. And no matter what happen(ed), Ag Industry will never ever shutdown, even in times of pandemic(s) or any global crisis. In fact, In 2020, the sector generated a gross value added of about 1.78 trillion Philippine pesos, equivalent to a 10.2 percent share of the country’s gross domestic product. And since our product is “New and Unique”, and we’re the exclusive distributor of this in the whole country. That place us (as for now) having no competition in terms of the “Product”. And all the other Ag Input(s) providers in the country doesn’t have what we have. And that’s a very huge advantage for our company DavaoPonics.


We’ve utilized the product in many of our agriculture ventures, such as in growing cacao trees. The trees grow faster and they’re vigorous. Resulting in a lesser need for the use of cide(s). I also won in a national cacao competition last October 2018 by being at the top 5 of the “Best Quality Cacao Beans”. And in fact, the product has also helped a farmer getting a massive increase in rice production. This positive results and observations are not only noticed in our country, but also in the USA and Europe.

For more info about DavaoPonics, product and its research and developments (R and D’s), please check/browse this website.


DavaoPonics is planning to be in line with the top notch Agricultural Product(s) Input(s) provider in the country, (but in a different manner, we will only sell products that are produced in a sustainable way and nature friendly). Which is not impossible. Because they don’t have what we have. And our product is top of the line, backed by its latest technology (NanoTechnology). If we can start immediately, and if the plan will go smoothly, then for sure in less than 3 years time, we’ll be gaining and recognized. Since we’re in line with sustainability, we want to hire at least a few individuals. We only need less employees, and as long as they’ll fit to what we require, no matter if they got a degree or not, it’s okay with/to us.

The Deal

Looking for 12,000,000 PHP – Min per Investor 2,000,000 PHP

However, since funds are hard to come by nowadays, with 500, 000 PHP Initial Investment, we would gladly accept.

We either accept equity or loan, and projected ROI (return of investment) is around 3 years time, but if the plan and timeline will be meet, it will only be a year. If you’re interested, you can check our Financial Statement or Business Plan.

Got a question about this project?

If you need any more info like Certification (Legal Notes), Business Plan and Proposal, you can contact us directly.


"We support in accelerating the advent of sustainability and on improving the food production in the country"