Experimental Mixed Methods

Experimental Mixed Methods

I’ve been practicing this Experimental Mixed Methods in tandem with FullOn for quite awhile now, and I’ve witnessed so many amazing, jaw dropping and mind blowing results.  And this are some of those experiments.

Mixed methods

Is a combination of growing methodologies like, aquaponics, hydroponics, and geoponics.

Experimental Mixed Methods
Added two more pipes (one on each side), to give more room for more plants. And I decided to include cucumber.
Mandro Technique

If you noticed that plants were grown in pipes but there’s no irrigation system (automated). This is because I am using  a “mandro technique” or manual  hydroponics. I used fishwater or water from the fish tank as the main source of nutrients. And I add FullOn on it and as you scroll down you’ll see that it did work okay.  This will also showcase how integrated growing practice works and one of its advantage is that when you’re applying foliar feeding/application to the main plants (plants on the pipes), only small amount of foliar feed is wasted.

Because cacao seedlings underneath the setup loves not only the nutrient rich mist that they get, but also the shade. Which is necessary for cacao seedlings or any seedlings in general.    Experimental Mixed Methods
Experimental Mixed MethodsCucumbers can also be grown in pipes, using this method. However, if you want to get a more better result, use pipes that has a bigger diameter, and at least 60 cm spacing between plants, and most especially make sure they get enough sunlight.   Experimental Mixed Methods Experimental Mixed Methods Experimental Mixed Methods Experimental Mixed Methods Experimental Mixed Methods

Experimental Mixed Methods
The nutrient rich fishwater, goes into the funnel and through the pipes.

So, this experiment using Experimental Mixed Methods for me is done and did got more useful data. The kales and lettuces did okay and so as the cucumber. However, if this was only grown inside a greenhouse the lettuces would probably do better. Note that lettuce don’t like being hit by the rainwater directly as it will damage their delicate leaves.

The cucumbers though grew okay, but the spacing between plants, diameter of the pipes and most especially not enough sunlight, limits its growth and also at point when their roots clogged down the pipes. However, it did still shows the potential of using mixed methods and that it’s possible to grow cucumbers in pipes using “mandro technique”.

This wraps up this content as for now, I hope you get useful data in this.