FullOn a "Game Changer"

FullOn a “Game Changer” in Aquaponics

FullOn a “Game Changer” in Aquaponics as well as in Hydroponics

Good day guys! Another interesting discovery has been found, and more are still to be found. Join me as I uncover some FullOn Magic.

Why does the juice (FullOn) is of help in your Aquaponics or Hydroponics system? The reason why I wrote this is,

  1. For the record
  2. So that I can show you guys the benefits of using FullOn by Grow Switch.

I’m, recently customizing, upgrading, maintaining my Aquaponics setup, here in our home, and I’ve noticed some of the plants are wilting, and the fish are less active. Then I review everything that were add to the system, then I realized maybe it’s high in Nitrate or in Ammonia, cause fish are growing faster and consuming more feeds resulting in water toxicity cause there’s not enough plants to process all the food available. Or it could be a high pH range.

So many factors from different angles, but one good move how to determine and troubleshoot this problem is by checking the water using water testing kit.  So, I checked the water. Started at Nitrate, then Ammonia and then pH.

Water Testing

Nitrate is high but fine, for me it’s a bit over the sweet spot (80-120 ppm), but why is that some plants are still showing some N deficiencies? Then I checked the Ammonia, it’s really high, I mean very high! It’s at 8.0++ ppm‘s, pH is as usual though, at 7.2-7.6. So, of course the problem is on excessive Ammonia level. So, when you got to encounter problem like this, it’s either,

  1. You add more grow beds,
  2. Harvest some fish or
  3. Discharge 2/3 of the system’s water and refill it with 2/3 new fresh and clean water.

Option 1: Is not that easy to just add grow bed(s), it will vary on so many factors, like budget, space, time and the urgency of the situation/matter.

Option 2. Harvesting some fish is awesome and for sure will be a tasty idea, but what if your fishes are still small or not yet good for harvest.

And option 3 is very easy. Just discharge the water and then add new, BUT, your nutrient rich water will be put to waste if you do so. And you’re for sure wasting water big time. What if you live in an area where water are scarce or expensive? Hmmm  So, it’s not a good idea to just discharge them water, what if you’re in a dessert?  Of course, water is far far more precious than wine.

FullOn a “Game Changer”

So what I did was, I added  FullOn on the tank. And put some 10ml Magic Juice, directly on the fish tank, and then wait for a day. After 24, hours, I again checked the water, and I really can’t imagine the result! I was once again astonished by the juice! Nitrate drops down into 20-40 ppm, while Ammonia is amazingly down to 1.0 ppm. I was like, WOW!!! The juice also help the plants absorbed those Nitrates in the system, and for some reason it did helped bacteria to transform excessive Ammonia into food (nitrate). And all of that happened in just 24 hours! Can you imagine that?

(Note: From 80-120 ppm down to 20-40 ppm for the Nitrate and 8.0++ppm(mg/L) down to 1.0ppm(mg/L), in just 24 hours. Water pH is still at its usual.

Stocked Water Result.

Testing a stocked water, stocked water x Hi-Nitrate NPK and stocked water x Hi-Nitrate NPK x FullOn.

As you noticed, Nitrate level is at less than 5.0ppm, Ammonia is at almost 0 (zero) and pH is at 7.4-7.6.

FullOn a "Game Changer" - 11/11/2015
Stocked Water x Hi-Nitrate NPK Result

Now, as you can see. Nitrate level is bump a bit, like at 5.0+ppm, Ammonia is around 1.0-2.0ppm(mg/L) and water pH is more like the same or it could swing up above 7.6.

That’s the reading when I added 10g Hi-Nitrate NPK on a 1.5L stocked water. Bumps Ammonia from zero to almost 2.0ppm(mg/L).

FullOn a "Game Changer" - 11/11/2015
Stocked Water x Hi-Nitrate NPK x FullOn Result

Now see this. Nitrate is bump up to almost 10ppm, Ammonia between 2.0-4.0ppm(mg/L), simply signifies that FullOn is enhancing the regular formula, or the NPK.

And look at the most important result, it did really and amazingly neutralize the water pH. As you can see on the result, it’s clearly around 6.8-7.0. Isn’t that amazing?!

FullOn a “Game Changer”

Well, I hope you get my point. If you have FullOn and a water testing kit, go check them yourself to see and believed! That’s all guys, as for now. Cheers! Ti’ll next time…