FullOn by GrowSwitch

FullOn by GrowSwitch

FullOn by GrowSwitch

New Organic Ionic Nutrient Technology. Grow Faster, Grow Better.

Our proprietary Nano Ionic Biostimulant, FullOn, sets new levels of nutrient uptake and utilization. Boosts plants ability to efficiently convert nutrients into new cell growth.We’ve been receiving very consistent reports from our commercial customers around the country.

They talked about reducing cycle times by 7 to 10 days or more. Regardless of plants’ genetics, nutrients or growing methods or environments. And it’s helping plants to achieve its full genetic expression. It can reduce some synthetic NPK Requirements by up to ~50%, lowering growing costs and reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer. Increased Yields. Flush cycles reduced from weeks to days. Amazing Produce with Higher Brix. Sweeter and cleaner every time.

FullOn by GrowSwitch

FullOn by GrowSwitch uses nanoscale technology with less than 50 nanometers particle size. Our formulation fills in the missing links and provides all necessary building blocks of plant life, and the energy for the necessary conversions and exchanges to occur.

How does it work?

Think of it like a super effective transporter moving nutrients into the plant very efficiently. Because of the minuscule nano size (quantum angstrom) allows it to enter into plant cells with ease. As a result, increased photosynthesis occurs.

That improves,

  • cellulose
  • sugars/brix
  • starches
  • waxes
  • carbohydrates
  • oils and proteins

The building blocks of plant growth and health, and increases the plant’s natural ability to complete growth cycles sooner.

Higher brix, increased nutrient density, faster plant growth gives Full On Growers a distinct advantage in every market.

  • Cleaner, Better Tasting Produce with Higher Brix
  • Super-charged bioavailability with Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Exclusive unique mineral and marine-based nutrients
  • Reduce NPK’s by 40% to 60% and grow more, faster
  • Fuses with ALL NPK base nutrients, use any of your best
  • 100% Proprietary Cutting Edge Formulation

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