FullOn Grown Twin Trunk Papaya Tree

This FullOn grown solo papaya tree, seems so productive. Despite the fact that the nutrients that supposedly good for a single trunk only was split into two, making it a twin trunk tree.

FullOn GrownIt’s my first time to experienced this kind of phenomenon, though It’s normal that when you cut a trunk or a branch it will automatically split into two or more.  However,  being  very productive still, is unusual. Yet, maybe it’s in my regimen and how I grew them (FullOn Grown).I’ve been starting researching on how to practice a sustainable method in growing food. And I came by with the idea of growing “With” nature, and not against it.

It’s called Permaculture, and nowadays it’s common and it’s being practiced in many countries around the world. And there’s a handful of methodologies out there, that practices almost the same principles. Like, Bio-Dynamics, Regenerative Agriculture and to some they call it Restorative Agriculture.

So what it is?

It’s a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, and improving the water cycle. It also enhance ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration and increasing resilience to climate change. And most specially, it will strengthen the health and vitality of farm soil.Regenerative agriculture is not a specific practice itself. Rather, a proponents of regenerative agriculture that utilizes a variety of other sustainable agriculture techniques in combination. Practices include recycling as much farm waste as possible and adding composted material from sources outside the farm.

Regenerative agriculture on small farms and gardens is often based on philosophies like permaculture, agroecology, agroforestry, restoration ecology, keyline design, and holistic management. Large farms tend to be less philosophy driven and often use “no-till” and/or “reduced till” practices.

As soil health improves, input requirements may decrease, and crop yields may increase as soils are more resilient against extreme weather and harbor fewer pests and pathogens.


FullOn GrownWhen starting this kind of practices/methods, you must consider to use different kind of inputs at first(beginning), especially when you have a poor soil quality.

There are many tricks and techniques on how to convert your soil into a very good one, faster and better. And one of the inputs that I’ve used is FullOn by GrowSwitch. Almost everything you need is already in a single bottle.

Consider that most of the hard work is at the beginning. But trust me, it’s all worth it. Ones you’ve dialed it down, you will need less and lesser inputs, and you won’t probably growing without it, because, it’s an ultimate tool for a growers to have, especially to newby like me.

We’ve already received numerous amount of growers feedbacks, either pros or newbies, that when using this input, it makes everything in the garden better and much easier. 

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