FullOn GrowSwitch @ Rosaroso Farm-Davao City

Cacao Farm in the Philippines. A test site of FullOn by GrowSwitch.
FullOn GrowSwitch ModelThis farm was established 25 years ago by Robert Rosaroso and it is  until now very productive. FullOn GrowSwitch Due to age, some of the trees became less productive. With side grafting and replanting the rehabilitation started 2-3 years ago.
After then, the new transplanted trees are already expressing full potential in production.
FullOn GrowSwitch Is it possible for Cacao trees to bear fruit all year long?

The answer is “yes”. How did he do it? By using the correct practice in farm management and the right application of inputs.

Now, he is sharing one of his secrets to the neighboring farmers.

FullOn by GrowSwitch After revealing his methods the other farmers now know, why it’s like peak season all year long on this farm.

FullOn by GrowSwitchThis is a 250 ml bottle of FullOn by GrowSwitch, unfortunately it’s not yet for sale, because the product’s registration is still on a processing stage.

But please bear with us, as we are doing everything we can, to the best of our abilities for this product to be legally available in our market as soon as possible.

This is “The Boss” and I made him show us how to harvest some pods using a small very sharp scythe. FullOn GrowSwitch According to him, the average amount of pods per tree per year that he can harvest is 50.  This farm has 3 hectares with around 4500 trees.  That means, he can harvest at least 225, 000 pods per year.FullOn GrowSwitch FullOn GrowSwitchThe price of wet beans is around 35-40 Pesos per kilogram. In average, 10 pods are needed to get 1 kilogram of wet beans.

In this case:

225,000 pods per year = 22,500 kg of wet beans

22,500 kg x 35-40 Pesos = 787,500-900,000 Pesos

FullOn GrowSwitch
All this images were taken on the period of Feb-September 2019.

We’ll give the final data on Feb 2020, for us to all know if FullOn by GrowSwitch can really increase his production and the quality of his produce. If you want to know if he likes the product, you can call or text him on his mobile no. 0949 658 5783.

But we can give our initial assessment now. And this goes something like this. He told us, that he noticed that the average pods per tree was increased into 80-100 pods. Some of the farm visitors are trying to count the number of pods in some trees. And they counted more than a hundred, some can reached 150-180 pods.

I know you won’t believe, and I can’t blame you for that. Because of too many scammers, that are selling snake oils, and claiming more than what they can give, no one knows who to trust nowadays. So to be sure “CALL OR TEXT HIM IS THE KEY” . Cheers!!!FullOn GrowSwitch Effect