Increased BRIX and Yields

Increased BRIX and Big Yields

Increased BRIX and Big Yields

What’s causing Increased BRIX and Big Yields?

The phenomenal stimulation of the electromagnetic activity that FullOn produces in the roots. Researchers refer to it as the “Cation Exchange Capacity” (CEC).

A cation is an ion with a positive electromagnetic charge.

And our product FullOn, is made out of a very and many tiny particles called “colloidal micelle(s).”
What is micelle?
It’s a particle of superfine colloid. With liquid dispersion medium comprising a core and stabilizing surface layer. Average size of micelles ranges from 1 nm to 100 nm.

This micelle(s) carries a negative electromagnetic charge that is capable of attracting, holding and exchanging positively charged particles (cations). Like carbon, calcium, humus, magnesium, trace minerals and other nutrients. And also moisture, allowing the roots to more easily adsorb and absorb them and that causes increased in BRIX or sugar content.

Image sourced: Going Green – Lisa Bronner
What is  Enhanced CEC
  1. Greatly increases plant absorption of water and nutrients
  2. Visibly enhance growth hardiness and yield
  3. Lessens the amount of water and fertilizer needs

What is BRIX and why do I want it?

Brix is the measure of sugar content.

And a plant that has a Higher Brix levels, will generally indicate that they are healthy, they produces higher levels of sugars. And also secretions that provide,

  • Improved pest resistance.
  • Increases plant vigor
  • faster growth along
  • sweeter and better quality produce.